Staff and Board


Hilary Aten
Associate Director
Melissa Campbell
Executive Director
Robin Fay
Conservation Director
Molly Goren
Communications Director
Joy Hickey
Operations & Finance Manager
Megan Jenny
Community Partnerships Director
Nayla Jiménez Cabezas
Farm to Farmer Director
Claudia Lewis
Co-Development Director
Nate Lewis
Conservation Manager
Rosemary Martin
Senior Community Engagement Manager
Marisol Morales
Co-Development Director
Stephanie Peña
Conservation Manager
Sophia Toler-Smith
Stewardship Manager
Nicole Warren
Farmland Project Manager


Mark Kantor
Sandy Wood
Vice President
Rachel Hynes
Secretary & Treasurer
Beth Mondzac
Past President
Joan Caine
Liz Gorman
Pamela Hinckley
Steve Jones
Gary Kotzen
Jared Mitchell
Josh Monaghan
Todd Olsen
Bob Peterson
Kate Wendt

Washington Farmland Trust is seeking to expand its board and board committees in hopes of better representing the communities we aim to serve. We’d love to hear from you.

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