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Nayla Jiménez Cabezas

Nayla was born and raised in Costa Rica surrounded by family and nature, having grown up on seven acres of land that her grandparents restored. She received her BA in Education and Business Administration, and went on to pursue a Master’s in Environmental Education with a focus on organizational sustainability from Goshen College. Nayla has worked as COO of a federally qualified health care center, as a small business development consultant, and as an independent project manager for a variety of organizations and businesses. As a Brown, gay immigrant, issues of access and equity are extremely important to Nayla. Motivated by her own journey and experiences, Nayla is a strong believer in the transformative power of relationships, and aims to apply that to her work as she connects with farmers, landowners, and other partners across the state. Inspired by food, nature, and music, you can often find Nayla cooking a meal, exploring the outdoors, or playing the guitar for her wife and daughter.

Favorite Vegetable: Heirloom tomato