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Passing the torch: 3 reflections from Rebecca Sadinsky

As Rebecca Sadinsky prepares to pass the torch to a new executive director this year, she reflects on what she is most grateful for from her eight years at PCC Farmland Trust, and shares three pieces of wisdom to our organization’s next leader. 

It has been my great joy and honor to lead such a brilliant group of staff and volunteers dedicated to creating a brighter future for sustainable and organic farming in Washington. As I reflect back on my eight years at this organization, I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to work alongside so many hardworking and passionate farmers, partners, supporters, and friends. I am certain that the forward momentum of PCC Farmland Trust will continue in its new chapter, and I can’t wait to cheer on this important cause from a new perch.

As our board prepares to announce PCC Farmland Trust’s next executive director, I offer three parting reflections and words of wisdom to the organization’s next leader.


Enrich the organization with the best professionals you can find. Support and empower them to do great work.


 It does not need to be lonely at the top. Seek advice from the Trust’s vast and diverse community, especially board members, supporters, and partners.


Make your mark. Time flies — 8 years sure did for me. Imagine, from the start, what you want to change for the better, and get going on it.



Farmland Forever!