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5 Big Wins of 2019

What a year! 2019 was all about protecting the soil, rivers, and habitat that make up our farming ecosystem, making land affordable and accessible to the next generation of food growers, supporting farmers in their pursuit of sustainable practices, and forging new pathways and partnerships to sustain a future for farming in Washington.

Here’s a look back at what we accomplished together:

Welcomed a new Executive Director, Melissa Campbell.

To kickstart the year, the PCC Farmland Trust board selected Melissa Campbell to be the next Executive Director of PCC Farmland Trust. Melissa joined PCC Farmland Trust in 2008, bringing a deep knowledge of natural resource conservation and land access barriers in the Puget Sound region. As Executive Director, Melissa has hit the ground running leading the team and establishing a bold vision for the future of farming.

Funded 25 projects that support sustainable farming practices.

PCC Farmland Trust launched Advancing Farm Sustainability in 2016, a grant program that supports farmers in their adoption of new approaches to sustainable land management. Today, we are pleased to have been able to fund 25 projects that support lasting improvements to soil, water, and/or habitat on our conserved farms.

Expanded Farm to Farmer to Skagit County.

This summer, PCC Farmland Trust expanded our land-matching program, Farm to Farmer, to Skagit County through a strategic partnership with Viva Farms. Viva Farms leverages our land-matching website to staff the program locally, providing customized, in-person support and resources based on farmer and landowner needs in their area. Together, we are connecting farmers across the Puget Sound region to land opportunities that support their businesses.

Raised $300,000 from PCC Community Markets shoppers.

Thanks to our long-standing partnership with Powers Winery and PCC Community Markets, shoppers helped us bring our total dollars raised from specially blended wine to the $250,000 mark. In addition, donations at the register through the Farmland Forever drive generated another $50,000 for farmland. Thank you PCC shoppers!

Laid the groundwork to protect more farmland in the Stillaguamish Valley and beyond.

In May, we told you about our next focus area for conservation: the Stillaguamish Valley. With the Our Farms, Our Future campaign, we are laying the groundwork to protect 10 farms across the region by the close of 2020. Help protect Rengen Ranch, our next farm in the Stillaguamish Valley today.

Thanks for making it a great year!