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A message from Executive Director Melissa Campbell

Dear friends,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am reaching out today to share that in the face of growing uncertainty, PCC Farmland Trust remains deeply committed to protecting and stewarding Washington farmland. Our staff is privileged to be able to stay healthy and safe at home during this challenging time. As we adjust to a new normal, know that we will continue to show up as a stabilizing force for agricultural communities across the state, guided by these three core ideas:

Now more than ever, our community depends on healthy, local food. We remain focused on our work to protect threatened farmland across the region, in order to ensure we all have food to eat when we need it most. Western Washington has been impacted by development pressure, climate change, and now, a growing pandemic. Amidst these many threats, our vision remains unchanged – to deliver on our promise to local farmers and communities to sustain a future for farming in Washington for generations to come. We are grateful for your steadfast commitment to this vital cause.

We are all interconnected, and must work together to create a resilient food system. The rapid spread of COVID-19 has demonstrated just how interconnected we all are. And, the measures needed to contain the virus have already had a significant impact on our regional food and farming systems. The abrupt closure of restaurants, schools, and other institutions translate to a loss of critical markets and revenue for many local farmers. In the face of these challenges, I find myself inspired by the ingenuity and perseverance of food growers on the ground, like Amy Moreno-Sills, my colleague and a leading voice in our community as the farming landscape shifts.

“Farmers have mobilized their teams quickly to fill the demand and get food to our communities safely,” said Amy. “Home delivery, no-contact pickup sites, aggregating with other farms to bring more food to market. We’re examining new safety considerations and protocols every day. It’s all hands on deck and we’re getting things done.” 

We are hopeful and committed to this work for the long-haul. We are living through unprecedented times, and it’s clear that our local food supply matters now more than ever. PCC Farmland Trust’s work is key to ensuring that our food supply is sustained, and we will continue to play that role no matter what comes our way.

My wish for our community is that we can all arrive on the other side of this moment in history with a renewed commitment to our values, making collective choices that sustain our communities and planet. After all, the two are inseparable.

Wishing you all health and hope in the days ahead. Thank you for your commitment to Washington farmland.



Melissa Campbell
Executive Director