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Farm to Farmer expands to Skagit County

Since launching Farm to Farmer in 2018, PCC Farmland Trust has engaged # farmers and landowners in Pierce and King Counties, resulting in three successful matches via the program. Today, PCC Farmland Trust is thrilled to be able to bring its land matching program to more communities, beginning with Skagit County through a pilot partnership with Viva Farms.
Viva Farms is a farm business incubator located in Skagit Valley that provides bi-lingual training and resources to new and beginning farmers. PCC Farmland Trust sees partnerships with organizations like Viva as a key strategy for providing customized, community-driven assistance to farmers and landowners across the region. PCC Farmland Trust will provide access to its online land-matching website, farmtofarmer,org, allowing partners to leverage the tool in their own communities. Partners will then staff the program locally, providing customized, in-person support and resources based on farmer and landowner needs in their area. PCC Farmland Trust hopes to use its partnership with Viva Farms as a model for future partnerships across the state. 
Anna Chotzen, Viva Farm’s Business & Marketing Manager, will serve as Farm to Farmer’s Regional Navigator for Skagit County. Amy Moreno-Sills currently coordinates the program on behalf of PCC Farmland Trust, and Lily Gottlieb-McHale serves King County as a Regional Navigator.
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