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Welcome board member Hannah Kettler

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Hannah Kettler, Senior Program Officer at The Gates Foundation, to the PCC Farmland Trust board.

Hannah believes in the power of public-private coalitions to drive sustainable, social, and economic impact. A Ph.D. economist by training, Hannah has spent over 15 years at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation designing and executing innovative financing, policy, and partnership vehicles to mobilize corporate investment in global health. She is excited to apply these insights and experiences toward the advancement of PCC Farmland Trust’s mission of conserving and stewarding farmland. Hannah spends as much time as she can outside – biking to work, hiking, skiing, and running the beautiful trails and mountains that Washington has to offer.

Here’s Hannah…



What drew you to the issue of farmland conservation?

As an avid outdoorsperson and intentional eater, I have been a strong supporter of conservation and land stewardship generally for many years. I believe in sustainably-grown food both from a health and wellness standpoint, and an environmental one.

The mission of PCC Farmland Trust sits at the intersection of so many of the things I care about, and I am really looking forward to learning from staff and fellow board members about the complex and powerful issue of farmland conservation.

What are you most looking forward to accomplishing or working on at the Trust?

I am really intrigued by issues surrounding land access and the next generation of farmers. I am eager to learn about the Trust’s programs to help connect farmers with available land, and to learn more about where the future farmers of Washington are coming from. I am also looking forward to helping shape the way PCC Farmland Trust engages and inspires new audiences in the coming years.

Anything you want our community to know about you?

Having had an international job for over two decades, only recently have I had the chance to really get to know our beautiful state. As a runner and a biker, I have come to love the mountains, forests, and rivers that make this place great. I can’t wait to deepen my understanding of and appreciation for the agricultural communities across Washington, and to meet the many local farmers working so hard to feed our community.