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Farm to Farmer

Farm to Farmer

 Farm to Farmer is a program of Washington Farmland Trust that aims to help farmers find land, build capacity, access resources, and ultimately, thrive as business owners and stewards of the land. We offer personalized support to current and aspiring farmers, farming collectives and cooperatives, farm organizations, and farmland owners in Washington. We work with program participants to co-create plans that advance their farm business and farmland stewardship goals, and partner with service providers such as lawyers, realtors, financial institutions, and community development organizations to provide direct support to our participants.

Farm to Farmer offers a variety of services and tools in both English and Spanish, as well as phone and video interpretation in 200 languages, including ASL. All participants receive personalized and comprehensive support from program staff, many of whom have personal farming experience. In addition, participants have access to our land-linking portal, farmtofarmer.org, which allows farmers and farmland owners to post listings about their land or farm businesses and connect with one another through a private messaging system.

Partners make our work possible

To sustain a future for farming in Washington, we convene with farmers, local government, Tribal representatives, electeds, and other community stakeholders to build strategies for regional farmland protection and access. Below are a few of the many partners that make our Farm to Farmer program possible.