Protected Farms

20 Acres Farm

Location: Carnation, WA
Date Protected: 2006
Acres: 20

Project Background:

20 Acres Farm is part of our Ames Creek Farm project, 179 acres of farmland in a fertile plain between Ames Creek and the Snoqualmie River. The Ames Creek Farm was purchased by Washington Farmland Trust in 2006 with the goal of providing affordable land access to local farmers.

Property Description:

This property is comprised of 20 acres of rich pasture, next to a fish-bearing tributary of the Snoqualmie River. Washington Farmland Trust worked with King County, King Conservation District and many volunteers to restore native plants along the length of the tributary to protect water quantity and provide shade for the creek during the summer months.

Farm Products:

In 2020, the property was sold to current owners Jennifer Dwyer and Phillip Brown of Hollyhock Farm, who raise chicken, duck, turkey, lamb and vegetables which are available at both their farm store and the Duvall Farmers Market.