Protected Farms

Bright Ide Acres

Location: Orting, WA
Date Protected: 2009
Acres: 27

Current Farmer:

Andrew and Micha Ide are two California transplants who fell in love with farming in the Snohomish River Valley. After giving birth to their first child, Hattie, and experiencing one too many floods on their Snohomish farm, they started their search for land in the South Puget Sound, where things were a bit more affordable. As of September 2017, Andrew and Micha purchased this land in Orting, where they produce ethically raised chicken, pork, and lamb for their community as Bright Ide Acres farm.

Property Description:

Bright Ide Acres consists of 27 acres of prime agricultural soils in the Puyallup Valley. Protected in 2009 as part of the Orting Valley Farms project, the property has been home to a variety of small livestock farms over the years.

Habitat Features:

The property includes priority habitat for the White River Elk herd. Coleman Creek runs through the property and is home to many songbirds, bald eagles, coyotes and other wildlife.


In 2012, Washington Farmland Trust planted 375 native trees and shrubs in the riparian area along Coleman Creek, a tributary of the Carbon River. This planting linked with an additional planting on neighboring Little Eorthe Farm to create almost 3 acres of restored creek bank.

Farm Products:

Ethically raised chicken, pork, lamb, eggs.