“You have to be able to offer a future to the next generation. And you can’t do that without land.”
Nash Huber
Protected Farms

Delta Farm

Location: Dungeness, WA
Date Protected: 2000
Acres: 97

Project Background:

Delta Farm was the first farm to be protected by the first donors of our organization, known then as the PCC Farmland Fund. In 1999, Nash Huber approached PCC Community Markets with the news that the farm adjacent to his own was in immediate danger of being sold and developed into small housing parcels. PCC rose to Nash’s challenge to help, and thus our organization, a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was born. Because of Sequim’s unique climate and outstanding soils, farmland in the Dungeness Valley is among the most valuable in the world.

Property Description:

The Delta Farm is located in the fertile Dungeness Delta. The land drains into the Lower Dungeness River, home to six salmon species, and hosts the source of Meadowbrook Creek. 23 acres of the Delta Farm are set aside for wildlife habitat, which is owned and managed by the WA Department of Fish & Wildlife. Delta Farm is certified Salmon Safe.