Protected Farms

Dropstone Farms

Location: Orting, WA
Date Protected: 2013
Acres: 95

Current Farmer:

Lauren Manes and Garth Highsmith currently farm Dropstone.

Project Background:

Dropstone Farms is adjacent to our Orting Valley Farms project and down the road from Four Elements Farm, which we conserved in late 2012. Because of Dropstone’s proximity to protected farms and other nearby opportunities, we have begun to form an “agricultural corridor” in the Orting Valley, providing all sorts of potential for farming, conservation, wildlife, and economic benefits.

Property Description:

Dating back to the 1920’s, this farm was once a thriving dairy, and features the prime agricultural soils found throughout the Puyallup River Valley. Currently, Manes and Highsmith raise cows, pigs, lamb, turkeys, chicken, and ducks. 

Farm Products:

Dropstone Farms currently sells poultry and beef. Check their website for additional products and information.