Protected Farms

Ford Farm

Location: Orting, WA
Date Protected: 2017
Acres: 40

Current Farmer:

Jake Sterino currently farms the Ford property as the fourth generation of the Sterino family to farm in the Puyallup Valley. Sterino Farms grows a variety of vegetables and berries and uses the property for a vegetable rotation including sweet corn, pumpkins, cabbage, and other specialty crops. You can find Sterino products at area supermarkets as well as at their produce market in Puyallup.

Project Background:

The Ford Farm is located on the last 40 acres of the historic Ford Family Dairy, a portion of which the Trust conserved in 2009 through our Orting Valley Farms project. Just outside the city of Orting, the farm is right in the heart of one of our focus areas. In addition, work being done along the property to revamp the levee system presents an opportunity to partner with Pierce County Surface Water Management to enhance fish habitat along the Puyallup River.

Property Description:

The Ford Farm is a highly valuable piece of land with flat farm fields, good drainage, and a riparian area along the Puyallup River. This property makes for a wonderful home farm.