Protected Farms

Four Elements Farm

Location: Orting, WA
Date Protected: 2012
Acres: 120

Current Farmer:

Agustin Moreno and Amy Moreno-Sills co-own Four Elements Farm, and have over 15 years of commercial farming experience. Amy and Agustin met while working together on a 200 acre Organic farm in the Snoqualmie Valley. After their daughter was born, they packed up and started farming together in the Orting Valley. After 6 years of growing organic food in Pierce County, they finally started their own farm.

Project Background:

Since 1903, products ranging from pumpkins and flower bulbs to Christmas trees and cattle have thrived on this property in the Puyallup Valley. When the farm went up for sale in 2010, the Trust began working to protect it from development, through a partnership with Pierce County. This project is an important land preservation success as it is in one of our core focus areas: the Puyallup Valley. In addition, it is near our Orting Valley Farms project — home to Tahoma Farms and Little Eorthe Farm. Our preservation of the property that is now home to Four Elements Farm contributes to a thriving “agricultural corridor” in the Valley, which provides great benefit to the area’s natural resources and surrounding wildlife, the local food economy, and the Orting community as a whole.

Property Description:

Four Elements Farm’s 120 acres are a mix of prime soils, 70-year old blueberry plants, and riparian habitat along Ball Creek, a tributary to the Puyallup River. The creek is home to a resident group of beavers, along with abundant native birds, coyotes, and other wildlife. Washington Farmland Trust has been working hard since purchasing the property to improve both the habitat and agricultural soil values of the property. With the help of dozens of devoted volunteers, the Trust has enhanced approximately 66,000 square feet of stream-side habitat by planting native species and combating invasive plants. In addition, we have installed a 42,000 square foot hedgerow of 844 native plants to protect the conservation values of the property, provide habitat, and attract pollinator species.

Farm Products:

Four Elements Farm grows certified organic blueberries and a wide variety of organic vegetables which are sold through their CSA, local grocers and co-ops, and at the Orting Valley Farmers Market. Organic blueberries are also available for u-pick during the summer months.