“I work the land with the minimum amount of machinery. It’s hard but satisfying work. I'm dedicated to feeding as many people as I can with healthy, delicious food.”
Michaele Blakely
Protected Farms

Growing Things Farm

Location: Carnation, WA
Date Protected: 2006
Acres: 31

Current Farmer:

Michael Blakely currently farms Growing Things.

Project Background:

Growing Things Farm is part of our Ames Creek Farm project, 179 acres of farmland in a fertile plain adjacent to Ames Creek and the Snoqualmie River.

Conservation Values:

Ames Creek Farm is home to important salmon habitat and is certified Salmon Safe.

Property Description:

Growing Things Farm is located in the scenic Snoqualmie Valley, nestled on the Snoqualmie River.

Farm Products:

Growing Things Farm produces a wide variety of vegetables, berries, and some fruit. A laying flock, pastured meat birds, pastured pork, and grass-fed beef round out the produce and contribute to the fertility of soils.

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