Protected Farms

Hunter Farm

Location: Eatonville, WA
Date Protected: 2022
Acres: 100

Current Farmer:

This historic farm has been in the same family since 1941. Donald Hunter currently owns the farm and has been on the property since his family moved there when he was a young child. The conservation easement is helping to facilitate generational transfer to Donald’s family and will prevent the farm from being split into 10 acre lots and sold for development.

Project Background:

The farm is located within our Pierce County focus area and ranked as a priority within our county-wide mapping effort. It is directly across the street from Pink Moon Farm, and is adjacent to 40 acres of forest owned by Nisqually Land Trust. Many thanks to our partners at the Washington State Conservation Commission, Pierce Conservation District, and Pierce County Conservation Futures.

Property Description:

Donald follows best management practices and works in partnership with the Pierce Conservation District to increase productivity and protect natural resources on the farm. He was one of the first users of the district’s no till drill for pasture renovation. In addition to its agricultural values, the farm has about 40 wooded acres, which provide habitat for elk and other wildlife. 

Farm Products:

The farm was originally a dairy and is currently used as pasture for cattle.