“Conserving our farm gives us peace of mind as we think about the future. It’s a big relief as we prepare to transition our land to new growers."
Farmer Roger Johnson
Protected Farms

Johnson Farm

Location: Stanwood, Washington
Date Protected: 2018
Acres: 171

Current Farmer:

Nestled along the Stillaguamish River, the Johnson Family has farmed on this land for nearly a century, producing dairy and beef, peas for Twin City Foods, and more recently, cauliflower, corn, and potatoes. Today, the farm is still owned by the Johnson Family, who are transitioning the farm to a younger generation of growers.

Project Background:

Washington Farmland Trust purchased a conservation easement to protect the land with help from Snohomish County’s Conservation Futures Program. By removing the farm’s development potential, the easement will make the land more affordable to a new generation of farmers and ensure that it stays a farm in perpetuity.

Conservation Values:

From local farmers and Tribes to City of Stanwood residents and outdoor enthusiasts, the preservation of this farmland and river-front habitat will have far-reaching impacts for generations to come.

Farm Products:

The Johnson’s currently lease the property to commercial scale food producers who farm hundreds of additional acres up and down the Skagit and Stillaguamish Valleys, growing crops such as potatoes, corn, wheat, grass seed, and beet seed.