Protected Farms

Olson Farm

Location: Chehalis
Date Protected: 2020
Acres: 121

Current Farmer:

Paul and Dalene Olson have been owners and operators of their family farm for over 40 years. They transitioned the farm to organic in 2000. With ever expanding development along I-5, Paul and Dalene are thrilled to conserve their land, ensuring it remains a farm forever. Paul and Dalene use no pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, or hormones, and are committed to sustainable practices such as protecting wetlands on their farm and ethical slaughtering.

Property Description:

Due to significant commercial and industrial development encroachment on the I-5 corridor, this property was highly threatened. Its prime location, however, provides excellent farm-to-market access. The property configuration and infrastructure are compatible with a variety of farming types, providing opportunity for Paul and Dalene’s son to diversify the farm in the years to come.

Farm Products:

Paul and Dalene produce Certified Organic, pastured beef through their farm business, PND Organic Beef.

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