Protected Farms

Pink Moon Farm

Location: Eatonville, WA
Date Protected: 2022
Acres: 24

Current Farmer:

Pink Moon Farm was started in 2016 by Grayson Crane. After 8 years of farming in Eastern Canada and Western Washington, Grayson was able to find land in Eatonville not far from Mount Rainier. Though farming skipped a generation in Grayson’s family, they draw from the relationships and memories of their grandparents who farmed in Acadia, Maine, as well as a network of young farmers and the local community in their farming practice. Grayson views farming as care work.

Property Description:

Farming on Nisqually Tribal land, Pink Moon is grateful for the work that the Tribes have done to preserve and steward this region. The farm is 24 acres and has a mix of wet, loamy soils with glacial and volcanic deposits.

Project Background:

This project was made possible thanks to the dedication of our partners from the Pierce Conservation District, the Washington State Conservation Commission, and the Pierce County Conservation Futures Program.

Farm Products:

Pink Moon supplies high quality products to the local community through a CSA and direct market sales, from Icelandic sheepskins and yarn, to eggs, grass-fed lamb, and a diverse array of organic vegetables.