Protected Farms

Reiner Farm

Location: Monroe
Date Protected: 2018
Acres: 260

Project Background:

Reiner Farm sits on 260 acres in the Tualco Valley, a concentrated area of commercial agriculture just outside of Monroe, and has been stewarded by the same family for over 100 years. The rich and diverse landscape of Reiner Farm has garnered support from a strong coalition of local and state government and tribal partners, all of whom are thrilled to see the land stay in farming for generations.

Conservation Values:

In addition to its prime soils, the farm boasts over two miles of salmon habitat along the Skykomish River, making it an incredible conservation opportunity with the potential to serve multiple community and environmental interests. The Trust is working with the Tulalip Tribes to steward 80 acres of salmon habitat on the property.

Project Financing:

To purchase Reiner Farm, the Trust secured $3.4M through a combination of philanthropic gifts and impact investments. The acquisition is part of a larger strategy we are deploying in response to the region’s skyrocketing land prices—creating an exit for retiring farmers and a path forward for producers who need access to affordable farmland.