Protected Farms

Williams Farm

Location: Stanwood, WA
Date Protected: 2021
Acres: 83

Current Farmer:

Garrett Williams is the second generation to work the family farm, which he runs with his father, Rick. Garrett worked closely with the Trust to conserve his family’s land, which gives them flexibility to continue to steward their additional acreage with the potential of conserving more land in the future.

Project Background:

Given its location in the Stillaguamish Valley, Washington Farmland Trust identified the Williams Farm as a high priority for conservation in 2017. The valley is an important area for farming, fish habitat, and flood resilience, and is home to two other Trust conserved farms, Johnson Farm and Lund Farm. This project allows for the protection of a contiguous area of prime farmland acres in an important farming community, and will help ensure the land remains available and affordable to future generations of farmers.

Farm Products:

Williams Farm currently grows corn, grain, potatoes, and various seed crops.